Best online roulettes for gambling in Canada 2023

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Roulette is a must-have game for any online casino in Canada, as well as worldwide. Big online casinos offer dozens of roulettes of various types. Evolution Gaming, NetEnt and similar companies, who specialize in card software, regularly widen their game sets to allow playing roulette online, real money winning and receiving gambling experience in more and more ways.

This roulette online real money guide explains the technique behind roulette gameplay, important rules and steps, that may help you win big and enjoy the game to the fullest, the most popular related strategies and their efficiency. We pay attention to the roulette types, live roulette broadcasts and mobile gambling. We keep track of all the news in the gaming world, to give you the most interesting updates. Finally, in this article, we will help you to better understand how to select a decent and fair casino and answer the most popular questions.

Best Canadian online casinos with Roulette

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How to Play Online Roulette

As for site interface, playing online roulette does not differ from playing any other online casino game. To start gambling:

  • Find a trustworthy casino with a broad set of roulette games.
  • Sign up by clicking a pertinent button at the top of the site and filling out a registration form.
  • Replenish your account's wallet with fiat or cryptocurrency. Detain the minimum deposit casinos require for welcome bonuses.
  • Claim your first deposit bonus in money or free roulette spins.
  • Choose online roulette in the section of table games, card games or roulettes.
  • Look for a live game in the live casino section. 
  • On the game's flash screen, select the demo mode for free play to test a game before risking real money.
  • Then select a bet type and amount in pertinent fields, or by clicking the chips and bet fields on a grid. Pay attention to bet limits.
  • Click the spin button in an online roulette or wait for a dealer in a live one.

Roulette Rules and Bets

Before you start playing free roulette online, read about the main rules and types of bets. They are pretty simple:

  • The wheel has 36 black and red numbered cells and a green zero cell.
  • Numbers are not placed in exact order, but always have a certain color.
  • Black and red cells alternate each other, except black pairs 10-11, 28-29 and red pairs 18-19, 36-1.
  • During a turn, a dealer drops a ball to a wheel against its turn direction, starting with a previous win number. 
  • Players may place a bet on a cell color, even-odd number, first or second diapason and exact number until the ball lands. You may select a French or German type or play VIP roulette online with advanced bets.
  • The cell with a landed ball wins, and all right bets are paid with winnings from losers' bets.

Bets are placed on a green grid that contains:

  • grid with rows and columns;
  • zero sector;
  • black and red sector;
  • passe sector;
  • pair sector;
  • impair sector;
  • manque sector;
  • P, M, D sectors.

A win is counted by a formula (36/n)*n, where n is the number of cells. Roulette winning is paid additionally to the bet amount, and an actual bet-to-win proportion is counted as (36/n)*n +1.

All roulette online real money and fun bets are divided into inner and outer sections. Inner bets are on the inner number grid and the outer ones are on the pair, impair, manque, passe and color sectors. The involvement in the green sector makes these types different. Outer bets exclude 0 and 00, if they drop, all outer bets lose. Inner bets use 0 and 00 actively.

Inner bets 



Multiplier + init. bet

Straight / Single

Cell of a certain number



Edge between 2 neighbor numbers



3 row number, outer row edge


Corner / Square

Center of the square of 4 neighbor numbers


Six Line / Double Street

Outer edge between 2 neighbor streets



Edge of 0 and 2 neighbor numbers; edge of 0, 00 and a neighbor number.


First Four

First street and 0


Top Line

First street, 0 and 00, American only bet.


Outer bets



Multiplier + init. bet

Manque / Passe

First 18 / last 18 numbers


Red / Black

Red / black colored cells


Pair / Impair

Even / odd numbers



1–12 / 13–24 / 25–36 numbers



3 vertical columns of the grid


Red Snake Bet

Certain red cells


Online Roulette Types

The main types of roulette available in the Canadian online casinos are American and European. To understand them better, it is recommended to play free roulette online for fun before placing real money bets. 




Total cells



Green sector

2 cells for 0 and 00


Top Line


No option


Half of a 50-50 bet is obligatorily returned to a player if zero drops.

No option

Casino advantage

5.26% (7.89% for green sector and top row)


These main roulette casino games have the following subtypes:

  • French roulette, which is a subtype of a European one. It provides 2 additional bets: La Partage (bet on zero) and En Prison (restore bet after zero). It is the most popular subtype, available in all fiat and Bitcoin casinos
  • Bauern roulette with 6 colored balls and a spinning top.
  • Mini roulette with 12 numbers only.
  • Multi-ball roulette, with up to 10 simultaneous balls on one wheel. 
  • Multi-wheel roulette, with up to 8 wheels that turn simultaneously.
  • Multi-bet roulette, with a possibility to place numerous bets for each turn of a single wheel.

Online Roulette Strategies

Online roulette gambling results are determined by an RNG only. They can't be surely predicted or rigged. The results of live games are partially influenced by a dealer.

At any rate, there are numerous winning strategies, and new tips and tricks appear every day. We pay attention to the most simple, popular and efficient strategies based on the probability theory:

The Muavre-Laplace theorem determines a minimum of 1 winning every 7 bets, and these smartest strategies assume waiting for a big chance with compensating the previous or advancing losses and varying bet amounts.

Martingale's Geometric Progression

Martingale's strategy assumes placing 50–50 bets by choosing the same option of two for every drop. If the chosen option fails, a player doubles the next bet to cover all previous losses. If the bet wins, a player gets a 2x winning and places a new bet of a minimum amount.

Martingale is created for binary bets like even/odd, red/black, manque/passe, but it can be easily adapted to any other bets in Canadian roulette games. However, in these cases, the win frequency drops and the multiplier for the next bet increases. The strategy requires big bankrolls even in its basic variation: for safe black-and-red betting, a player must have 127 amounts of an initial bet.

There is an inverted version of Martingale's when a player divides each next bet by 2 until they win and then places a basic bet. The strategy is very cost-saving, but it does not allow covering the losses, only decrease them.

D'Alembert's Arithmetic Progression

D'Alembert's strategy is also created for 50–50 bets in online roulette casinos. A player selects one of two options and continues betting until they win. The bet is increased to one of its basic amounts after each loss, and, after the win, a player places a bet that is less by the same amount. D'Alembert is a much more cost-saving strategy than Martingale, but it is either less reliable. 

Donald and Nathanson's Advanced Arithmetic Progression

Donald and Nathanson improved d'Alembert's strategy by adding precise rules for zero and double zero, which are non-binary bets. The bet after zero decreases if the total balance after internet roulette playing is negative, and increases if the balance is positive. The reliability of Donald and Nathanson's strategy stays contemporary weak, though it is stronger than a classic D'Alembert's one.

Labouchere's Loss Consequence

Labouchere's system suits any bet type in any game including roulette, slots machine, scratch cards, craps, and even keno. It assumes only 5 simple steps:

  • Create a custom line of any numbers, they will determine the amounts of your bets. It is recommended to choose numbers no more than 2-3% of your gambling balance.
  • Sum up the leftmost and rightmost numbers, it is your current bet.
  • If you win, delete both chosen numbers and sum up the next ones as above for one more bet.
  • If you lose, write down the loss as the rightmost number in your consequence.
  • When your line is over, quit playing. You have definitely won more than spent.

However, during roulette online real money playing, Labouchere's system assists more in tracking wins and losses than in attempts to win life-changing amounts. Accompanied by a big balance, the system is a good choice for spending a good time without losses.

Whittaker's Fibonacci Consequence

Whittaker's consequence is similar to Labouchere's one, but with loss line forming specifics:

  • Pick a basic bet and place it until you get two first losses. 
  • Sum up the losses, write down the result and place this amount as a bet.
  • After every loss, add the current loss to a previous one, write down the result and place a bet again.
  • After every win, back in two steps.
  • Finally, you get a Fibonacci consequence for your losses.

This strategy allows stopping after any win without a total loss in both virtual and real roulette. Whittaker's strategy is as reliable as Martingale's one, but it is a bit cheaper and less profitable.

Live Roulette

Canadian gamblers may also play roulette online with a live dealer by joining a live casino broadcast. High-quality live casino games imitate the land-based casino atmosphere. Specialized gambling software developers provide dozens of roulette types with various female and male dealers, single hosts and duets. The dealers are as competent and skillful as professionals of the best land-based houses. These live broadcasts are hosted in up to 20 languages.

Play Roulette on Mobile Devices

All quality online casinos have mobile site versions with certain design adaptations, and Canadian players may gamble on the world's TOP online roulette casino sites on smartphones and tablets with Android, iOS, and Windows OS anywhere and anytime they wish.

The best online casinos offer specially designed mobile applications. They require downloading and installing, take memory from your phone, but they are more convenient for mobile playing. 

Mobile casinos always keep the same functionality of a game interface as the desktop ones, allow placing the same bet types and amounts and choosing games from the same range. 

Why Should You Choose Free Roulette

Besides an obvious play for real money, any or almost any casino allows playing for free after registration or even without it. 

Playing in a free mode totally imitates playing for real money: players receive a certain amount of fun coins, adjust bet amount, place, double and triple bets with total immense.

When the test bankroll is off, it is usually replenished again, and very few casinos refuse infinite test accounts.

Playing roulette for real money has 4 crucial advantages:

  • Playing for real money means winning real money or even a promising investment like cryptocurrencies. In short, to get more Bitcoins, play roulette online at almost all new casinos.
  •  The possibility of winning real money makes the gambling experience more thrilling, and the winnings become more pleasant.
  • Depositing real money unlocks welcome bonuses. Therefore, you may play and win for the casino's money more than for your own.

However, newcomers are recommended to start from a demo mode to get these advantages:

  • Studying rules and training without risk of loss.
  • Testing strategies and advanced features.
  • Avoiding stressing about loosing.

How to Choose Online Casino with Roulette

Your roulette success depends on a casino where to play roulette online for real money. Any online casino has numerous roulettes, but you need to select the best to get the proper experience. The advanced online casinos have the following features:

  • roulettes of various kinds and providers;
  • advanced site with convenient design and reliable interface of Dama NV casinos level;
  • numerous convenient payment methods, cryptocurrencies if you use them;
  • live customer support, available 24/7;
  • license, legal in your country;
  • high-quality mobile site or application for your OS;
  • huge welcome bonuses, notable regular cashbacks, boosters and no deposit free spins are a big advantage.

There is a precaution to choose the games that accept the bets during the wheel turn. It is wise in land-based casinos and live roulette real money gambling, but is useless for online roulettes. In a live casino, a skillful dealer can determine the force and angle of the ball landing and partially influence a winning cell. Such a dealer must not know all bets before a ball dropping. However, online roulette balls are controlled by RNGs, which are checked by specialized agencies, and the software, unlike a live dealer, cannot decide whether to cheat this time or not.


🤔 How to Win in Roulette?
Online roulette result is determined by an RNG, but there are strategies to increase your chances and odds. The simplest way is just to choose one option from two (color or even / odd number) and wait. Statistically, you get a sure win every 7 bets. You may also vary bet amounts and consequences, read paragraph Roulette Rules and Strategies for the details.
🙄 What Is Martingale?
Martingales strategy assumes doubling a bet after a loss and rolling it back to a basic one after a win.
🤑 What Are Roulette Rules?
Roulette is a casino game that assumes the dropping of a ball on a wheel with 36 red and black numbered cells and a green zero. Players play roulette online for money by placing bets on a certain number or sector, numbers color, even / odds and numerous other bets. There are several types of roulette with additional rules and conditions, read about them in the Online Roulette Types.
⚡ What Are Roulette Types?
The most widespread roulette types are American and European. There are also French, Bauern, mini, multi-ball, wheel and bet roulettes. Read more in the paragraph Online Roulette Types.
🙄 What Are Roulette Bet Multipliers?
Roulette multipliers range from 2x for red/black to 36x for the exact number. Numerous online casinos offer additional bets with huge multipliers and jackpots. Read more in our roulette rules and betting section.
😤 How to Play Roulette for Free?
Find a casino that allows gambling from your country. If the casino requires registration for demo playing, sign up. Then go to the section of table games or a special roulette section. Choose the live casino if you want to participate in a live broadcast. Then select a game, on its flash screen, click the demo mode, adjust the bet amount, and play.
🤔 What Roulette Is the Best?
The most profitable roulette is multiball turbo roulette with a jackpot. As for bet range and rules, every player has the individual best online roulette.
📐 What Is the Difference Between American and European Roulette?
American Roulette has an extra double zero cell, a bet on the top line, 50% partage on the zero and a larger casino advantage.

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