Moncton There are places in Canada about which very little is known. Everybody knows the names of such Canadian cities as Toronto, Quebec and Calgary. The names of such Canadian provinces as Ontario, Quebec and Alberta have become familiar to the layman. What do we know about the province of New Brunswick and its largest city, Moncton? If we know anything, then very little! For example, almost nothing is known about whether there is gambling in Moncton ? How are things going with the entertainment industry in this city and, in general, in this province as a whole?

If there are questions, then there are answers. Everything in order.

What the gambling industry looks like in Moncton

Overall, gambling in New Brunswick is doing well. This is not to say that this seaside region of Eastern Canada is full of gambling facilities. Nevertheless, almost every more or less large city in the province of New Brunswick has casinos, bingo clubs and slot machine halls.

Moncton What can we say about Moncton, a large administrative center of the province with a population of 700 thousand inhabitants. There is a place to play in a casino in Moncton . Moreover, local gambling establishments have a decent status and are popular with local residents. The demand for gambling and entertainment services in Moncton has just started to skyrocket. This is facilitated by a reorientation in the labor distribution market. If in the past this region was more focused on industrial sectors of the economy, then in the 21st century Moncton became a scientific and technological center, a forge of highly qualified personnel.

The lion's share of the local economy today is made up of scientific organizations and companies specializing in information technology. In an instant, the once large industrial center turned into a scientific and business center on the east coast of Canada. Today Moncton is a showcase for the timely transformation of a depressed region into a thriving modern city.

Moncton Under the new conditions, the pace of development of the gambling industry has increased significantly. Back in the mid-90s of the XX century, there was not a single legal casino in the province of New Brunswick. All that could be satisfied with the audience, addicted to gambling, illegal slot machines and underground casinos in Moncton . Naturally, the local authorities tried to combat this negative phenomenon in the life of the city, but the demand for the services of gambling establishments and traditions turned out to be stronger than the prohibitions.

Legalization, which began at the provincial level in the 2000s, has radically changed the picture on the gambling market. Now you can play for real money at casinos in Moncton completely free. All types of gambling are permitted by law, including cards, roulette, lotteries, and slot machines. The age limit for casino visitors is persons over 19 years old. As for the dress code and other requirements, they are set independently in each individual case.

Why are Moncton gambling establishments attractive?

Moncton First of all, it should be noted the high level of technical equipment of local casinos and gaming clubs. Along with excellent comfort and excellent quality of service, all play equipment is certified and meets the required standards. This applies equally to all objects of the urban gambling industry.

The localization of gambling establishments in the city is typical of that observed in many other Canadian provinces. For example, legal slot machines in Moncton can be found at Casino New Brunswick, in the lounge area of the Hotel Casino New Brunswick. In addition, bingo clubs are very popular with the local public. Families and whole companies like to play here. Along with playing lotto, visitors have a lot of slot machines and other types of entertainment at their disposal.

As for the traditional casino, the Casino New Brunswick together with the adjacent hotel is the city's central location for gambling and entertainment.

The casino offers customers:

  • more than two dozen poker tables;
  • play areas for other board games (craps, blackjack, craps);
  • roulette of all kinds;
  • slots for every taste;
  • lotteries and scratch cards.

Moncton The institution is open seven days a week, seven days a week. Access to the slot machine room opens from 11 am. More serious games such as poker tournaments, blackjack or roulette in Moncton gather their clientele in the late afternoon. Visitors note a comfortable atmosphere inside the establishment, excellent service and a completely loyal attitude of the administration towards customers.

The casino is located on the north-western outskirts of the city, away from educational centers and crowded places. These are local laws.


Moncton Summing up, evaluating the state of the gambling industry in Moncton, the following conclusion suggests itself. Despite the growing demand for services in the field of gambling, the number of establishments and facilities in the gambling industry is clearly insufficient.

As an alternative option, gambling fans are actively using the services of gambling sites today. Local gambling law prohibits such activity, but current restrictions do not stop the growing demand for online casinos and gambling sites in Moncton .

The main advantage of virtual gambling is the freedom to choose a playground, a wide range of games and entertainment, and user anonymity.

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The main participants in the virtual market are offshore companies that circumvent prohibitions and restrictions. Judging by the fact that it is quite easy to gain access to blocked sites, this sphere of gambling continues to develop dynamically. On the agenda of the New Brunswick provincial government is the development and implementation in legislation of norms that establish order in the activities of gaming sites.

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