Gatineau When visiting Ottawa, be sure to take the time to travel to nearby Gatineau. Unlike the Canadian capital, where only certain types of gambling are allowed,

    roulette in Gatineau
is available in all gambling establishments. The most interesting thing is that you don't have to go far anywhere. It is enough to cross the bridge to the other side of the Ottawa River, and you are already in Gatineau. Just one step and you are from the English-speaking province of Ontario to French-speaking Quebec.

Such close proximity to large cities and towns is specific to Canada, where vast and uninhabited territories are combined with large urban agglomerations. Such close proximity is very convenient for those who are fond of gambling.

Each Canadian province has its own specific gambling legislation. For example, in Ottawa, which belongs to the province of Ontario, you can gamble from the age of 19. In the neighboring province of Quebec, the age limit has been lowered.

    You can play at the casino in Gatineau
from the age of 18. There are other differences, however, in order.

What is the Gatineau gambling industry

As it should be, in a city as large as Gatineau, the gambling industry is an important part of the urban entertainment industry. Despite the legalization of gambling, the number of gambling establishments for the city of half a million is small.

    Gatineau gambling is
presented in four variants:

  • traditional casinos with a full range of all services and a wide range;
  • gaming lounge areas at hotels, bars and restaurants;
  • bingo gaming clubs, lottery sales points;
  • online gaming industry.


In short, this city has entertainment for every taste. Do you want to play cards, please. Interested in slot machines, go to any of the city gambling establishments.

    Interesting fact.
In the province of Quebec, gambling was legalized earlier than other Canadian territories. The first legislative acts regarding gambling and activities in this area were adopted back in 1978. When a legal casino opened in Montreal back in 1993, fans of gambling from the neighboring province of Ontario began to travel en masse to Quebec.

In the neighboring province of Ontario, the process of legalizing gambling began much later.

The close proximity of the city to the capital gave rise to the rapid development of the local gambling industry. Moscow fans of gambling began

    to gamble at the Gatineau casino
. The millionth city has become an excellent and inexhaustible source of income for the Gatineau gambling industry for many years. Later, the situation began to change, gambling houses and clubs appeared in Ottawa. Nevertheless, the local gaming infrastructure has retained its identity and flavor. The level of casinos in Gatineau today is in no way inferior to the gambling houses of the capital; in some aspects, it looks more attractive.

Historical reference

The first full-fledged casino in the city appeared in 1996. Now this gambling house is no longer working. Its place is now taken by The Théâtre du Casino, a popular cultural site in the city. Until this moment of full legalization, the only available type of gambling entertainment was

    illegal slot machines and underground casinos in Gatineau

Gatineau There weren't as many of them as there could be. According to statistics from the General Police Department of the province of Quebec, the number of illegal objects in 1995 in Gatineau alone was more than 50. The demand for such services has always been high. However, the law enforcement agencies of the province of Quebec did their job, forcing the gambling business to come out of the shadows.

At the moment, illegal immigrants are practically ousted from the market, giving way to legal gambling houses.

Where is the best gambling game?

The central gambling establishment of the city is the Lac-Limi casino. The gambling house was opened in 2004 and since then Gatineau occupies a leading place in the city's entertainment and entertainment infrastructure. The institution provides its clients with the following set of services:

  • tables for playing cards (poker, blackjack, craps, baccarat).
  • roulette;
  • slot machines, video slots, lotteries, scratch cards, bingo.

    Legal slot machines in Gatineau
are not limited to the Lac-Limi casino. Slots can be found in other establishments, in hotels and in themed bars, in billiard clubs. At the entrance to the casino, there is a dress code and age restriction. The sizes of the bets are not limited by anything. The amount available for exchange is from 20 Canadian dollars and more.

Gatineau Another, no less popular casino establishment in the city is 1 Boulevard du Casino. Access to the gambling house from 12 noon until the morning. In the evening, dealers start working at the tables with card games. At the same time, the dealer starts working. Slot machines are available throughout the day.

Along with traditional gambling houses, there are other entertainment establishments in the city. A gambler can always find something to his liking. Everything is at hand. Information about gambling establishments is available in all guides.

Alternatively, you can choose a more relaxed version of the fun. In the province of Quebec, virtual gambling is allowed, so

    online casinos and gambling sites
are held in high esteem
    in Gatineau
today. Fans of gambling can safely visit any gambling site without fear of negative consequences. Canadian gaming resources are not as popular as the sites of foreign offshore companies.

An attempt to block foreign online casinos did not lead to anything good. The growing popularity of gaming sites is facilitated by a wide range of games and entertainment, the lack of full registration and identification.

More Online Casinos

In general, play for fun. If you want a traditional casino, if you want, play online.

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