Quebec Welcome to Quebec! For those who first came to this part of Canada, we will be surprised. First, after the boring east coast of the country, here you can finally fully and completely enjoy gambling. There is no need to look for traditional and lovely casinos and legal slot machines in Quebec . Everything is at hand and freely available.

Secondly, many things seen in Quebec cause delight and surprise. They speak French here, and the city itself is more like a modern French city. Hence the feeling that you are not in North America, but in good old Europe.

What is known about gambling in Quebec

Quebec is rightfully considered one of the most colorful cities in Canada, with its own traditions and rhythm of life. This Canadian city can be safely called the most gambling place in Canada. Unlike other provinces, where the federal ban on gambling and entertainment is more or less enforced, in the province of Quebec the opposite is true. Local authorities have always acted independently, contrary to the official policy of the federal center.

Quebec It is in this province that underground gambling establishments have been actively working for a very long time. Illegal slot machines and underground casinos in Quebec were a dense network of dubious establishments, often disguised as sports betting points, atmospheric clubs and themed establishments. Even if the authorities and law enforcement agencies followed a rather tough line to block the work of illegal immigrants, the gambling business managed to preserve its basic infrastructure, waiting for better times.

Back in 1978, in the wake of the national legalization of the gambling business in Canada, Quebec was one of the first to adopt the necessary laws and regulations to allow gambling in the province. From that moment on, gambling houses, gambling clubs, salons and other objects of the gambling industry began to appear here, in Montreal and in other cities of the province. As a result, the gambling industry in this province today has the most developed infrastructure in the country. In terms of the number of legal gambling facilities, Quebec undoubtedly ranks first in the country. More than 10 thousand gambling facilities are officially operating in the province. These include poker rooms, bingo rooms, slot terminals, lottery points of sale, casinos, slot machine halls, lounges in hotels, bars and restaurants.

Quebec It turns out that you can play all kinds of gambling in Quebec casinos , including poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps and craps. The number of establishments and the choice of gambling entertainment in the city is impressive. In addition to traditional gambling houses, where mainly fans of card games and roulette gather, bingo halls, lounges with gaming terminals and slots are very popular in this French-speaking Canadian city. As they say, the numbers speak for themselves. You can play any way, anywhere and anytime!

Where should a gambler go in Quebec

Speaking specifically, where and how a gambling person can usefully spend time in Quebec, there is no need to go far for the answer. In the city itself with a population of 1 million people, there is a number of gambling establishments for every taste. For a full game of poker or roulette, we recommend visiting the Salon de jeux de Québec. This is a pretty cool place in the city by today's standards. It is here that a respectable audience gathers, preferring to play for high stakes.

Quebec Here players have at their disposal poker rooms, tables for playing other card games. There is a whole play area with numerous slot machines. In addition, you can have fun in bingo, purchase scratch cards. The salon is open from 11 am until late at night. Entrance to the institution is allowed to persons who have reached the age of 18. The dress code rule is formal, but in shorts and a baseball cap, of course, they will not be allowed inside.

Two other gambling clubs are no less popular in the city. We are talking about the bar "Bar La Rochelene" and the billiard club "Billard Royal (1996) Inc". In the first case, you will find poker tables. Here the croupier is waiting for his clients at the roulette wheel. It is important to note! Unlike other provinces, French Roulette remains a very popular game in Quebec . Many people play it, preferring to place small bets.

QuebecAmong other establishments, where fans of gambling and entertainment gather in large numbers, it is worth noting the BonusCatch casino, the Kinzo Québec (Vanier) bar. The local gaming audience usually gathers here, preferring entertainment on slot machines, dice or lotto. As for other places, almost every major hotel in Quebec has its own gaming lounge area. In many bars and restaurants you can find video game terminals and lottery ticket sales points.


Quebec is a very interesting city in itself. In addition to the main tourist attractions and local attractions, local residents and visitors have a large number of places of entertainment and gambling facilities at their disposal. There is simply no time to be bored, especially when I came specially to play for money in a casino in Quebec . The choice is great! Time enough money!

Quebec As for the virtual segment, in the province of Quebec, online gambling is a priori allowed. The federal ban is skillfully ignored by local authorities. Access to the gaming site is in most cases allowed. Foreign sites of offshore companies are in demand among users. Bypassing the blocking, you can get access to the entire gaming platform with a lot of games and entertainment.

Local or other Canadian online casinos and gambling sites in Quebec have limited capacity. Access is allowed only after full registration and customer identification. The main focus of legal gambling sites is poker rooms, video games, roulette, slots and other gambling entertainment.

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Nevertheless, the government of the province of Quebec is aggressively promoting the idea of mass legalization of the virtual gambling industry. Financial losses from the activities of illegal entities of the virtual gambling market amount to more than 10 billion Canadian dollars. Legalization of foreign gaming resources will allow receiving a third of this money to the local treasury.

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