Regina Canada is a unique country. The further you move to the West, the more vast the territories become, the fewer large cities and settlements are found. Nevertheless, the benefits of modern human civilization are present even in this vast and endless region. A prime example is Regina, the capital of the province of Saskatchewan. The local population lives, works and has fun, taking advantage of all available benefits. Do you want to play at the casino in Regina , please. A full-fledged gambling establishment "Casino Regina" is at the disposal of the gambling public. If you want to admire the picturesque surroundings, just a couple of minutes by car and you are already in the middle of the wild Canadian prairies.

In a word, far from metropolitan areas, life in the Canadian province goes on as usual. Moreover, it is impossible to call it boring and uninteresting. Everything is in its place and everything is freely available.

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Regina was founded at the end of the 19th century on the site of the first settlement. City status was granted to this settlement in 1903, and in 1906 Regina became the capital of the newly formed province of Saskatchewan. It was then that the first information about gambling in Regina appeared . Sources say that the first owner of a local casino was retired Colonel Willis Rogers, who received a state patent for organizing a chamber of commerce and industry.

Regina It is impossible to call a legal gambling house in any way, nevertheless, this institution continued to exist for quite a long time. Only in the very beginning of the First World War, local authorities went on to tighten measures to comply with the current royal decree banning gambling.

For the period of hostilities, gambling entertainment not only in Regina, but throughout the country had to go deep underground. This situation continued for a very long time, until 1988. Some shift towards the removal of restrictions on some types of gambling is associated with the Winter Olympics in Calgary. For the duration of the competition in the province of Alberta and in neighboring Saskatchewan, it was allowed to open betting shops, accepting bets, lottery sales points, and slot machine halls. From that moment on, almost all illegal slot machines and underground casinos in Regina gradually began to turn into public establishments.

ReginaHowever, the real legalization of the gambling industry in this province began only in the late 90s. At first, the local government decided to lift the ban on public gambling. The decision was then made to allow legal business in Saskatchewan. Since then, Regina has operated a full-scale land-based casino, slot machine halls and a Bingo club.

Where and how can you play in Regina?

Today in this city, as well as throughout the province, you can play all gambling games. The ban has been lifted entirely on the activities of gambling establishments of all types and types. As for virtual gambling, there are problems with this segment in the province.

ReginaBy the way! In the province of Saskatchewan, unlike other Canadian territories, a positive decision to legalize the online gambling industry has not yet been made. In accordance with local gambling legislation, online casinos and gambling sites in Regina are not accessible to the majority of users. It is not possible to use the services of gaming sites and bypassing the blocking. An interesting feature! There are not many Internet providers in the province, so the local authorities manage to quite easily block access to prohibited sites.

However, users continue to look for opportunities to gain access to gaming platforms. The popularity of overseas gambling sites remains high, while Canadian online casinos are not available in the province.

However, this is not a problem today is not as urgent as it might seem at first glance. Those who are interested in the services of foreign gambling sites find ways to gain access to prohibited gambling platforms. Another thing is that local authorities are not yet trying to find ways to resolve this issue.

Unlike the Internet, local land-based gambling establishments feel quite confident. As stated above, the city has a full-size gambling establishment. Meet - "Casino Regina". Visitors to this place can count on all the services available in this area. The range of games is as follows:

  • poker tables;
  • tables for blackjack, baccarat, craps and craps.
  • lotteries, scratch cards and, of course, slot machines. There are not as many slots as we would like, but all machines are certified and licensed. Roulette in Regina is not as popular as poker or slots. Nevertheless, in the evening the croupier gathers an impressive audience at the table.

The casino is open seven days a week. The opening hours vary depending on the number of visitors. Access to the gaming area with slots is allowed from 9 am. Dealers work starts in the evening. The casino closes in the morning. It should be noted that the provinces strictly monitor the observance of the age limit by clients. It is allowed to visit casinos in the province of Saskatchewan from the age of 19. The dress code is formal. Any amounts are accepted for exchange.

Another place that is in demand with the local and visiting public is Casino Moose Jaw. This gambling house is located 15 minutes' drive towards Calgary. As a rule, those who like to gamble at a casino in Regina gather here for high stakes. The status of the institution corresponds to the level of the game. There is a strict dress code at the entrance, and the average bet has already been significantly increased.

This establishment offers customers a full package of games and entertainment. Again, there are tables for card games, roulette and slots at the disposal of visitors.

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Anyone interested in legal slot machines in Regina need not visit a casino. This type of entertainment is available in a simpler form. In many hotels of the city, in prestigious clubs and salons, there are always several working slot machines at the customers' disposal.

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