Ontario The gambling industry in Canada cannot be judged in terms of one particular location. The number of gambling establishments and their location is influenced by the specificity of local laws and the geographical features of the country. In this aspect, it is best to start your acquaintance with Ontario - Canada's largest province in terms of population. Gambling in Ontario is a collection of all existing forms of gambling formats and all available types.

Such a specific state of the gambling industry in this province can be easily explained. A large number of casinos, gambling halls, clubs and saloons are facilitated by fairly loyal local gambling legislation, which has given the private gambling business complete freedom of action. The provincial government, having received broad powers from the federal authorities, independently carries out licensing of gambling activities, and controls the operation of gambling facilities.

In fact, there are no restrictions on the number of operating casinos in Ontario. Only the laws of the market affect the success of the establishment. Naturally, in such a situation there is always a place for illegal activities. Against the background of the massiveness and widespread availability of gambling in this region, illegal slot machines and underground casinos in Ontario have limited opportunities. Why deal with dubious establishments, if there are legal casinos at every step, a lot of slot machine halls work.

Development of the gambling industry in the province of Ontario

I must say that casinos in Ontario have been playing for a long time. Even the first settlers from France organized card game tournaments. A little later, already in the status of the possession of the British crown, gambling houses began to appear in Toronto, Ottawa and Hamilton. In the smaller cities and towns of this vast territory, gambling houses operated privately, from time to time.

Ontario After the introduction at the federal level of a ban on gambling activities, gambling and other entertainment went into the shadows for a long time. However, poker fans continued to congregate in secret places, organizing underground poker tournaments. This difficult situation continued almost until recently. The situation around the gambling industry began to change at the end of the 20th century. The decision of the federal authorities to remove criminal liability for organizing and conducting gambling from the law launched a nationwide campaign to legalize the gambling business.

The province of Ontario was one of the first to legalize all gambling. It was here that large gambling houses, slot machine saloons and a host of other establishments of a similar profile began to open. The rapid development of the gambling industry in Ontario was facilitated by the developed urban and transport infrastructures, a large population (more than 12 million people live in the province of Ontario), and a huge capital inflow.

Today, 32 traditional land-based casinos operate legally on this territory. In addition, online casinos and gambling sites in the province of Ontario are also legal today. In short, almost ideal conditions are created for a gambler in Ontario. High level of service and comfort, modern technical equipment and wide access to all types of gambling.

Features of the location of the casino in the province of Ontario

Localization of gambling facilities in the province is as follows:

  • the central casino location in the province of Ontario Toronto, the largest city with a population of 2.5 million. More than a dozen full-fledged casinos operate here. Slot machines are installed in Bingo clubs, in the lounge areas of large hotels;
  • the second largest number of gambling establishments outside the city of Mississauga. Here players have at their disposal five, six casinos and clubs;
  • casinos in Niagara Falls are very popular in the province of Ontario. Two of the largest and most prestigious establishments in the country operate here. Not only Canadians come here to gamble in casinos in Ontario . Niagara Falls is a famous and popular tourist destination.
  • the rest of the gambling houses, halls and clubs are scattered throughout the province. Most of them are concentrated in the cities of the Golden Horseshoe, which are located along the coastline of Lake Ontario, within the Greater Sudbury.
  • the most remote in the province is the Thunder Bay gambling house, located on the northern shore of Lake Superior.

Ontario Gambling facilities in the province of Ontario are concentrated in all major settlements. The range of gambling games is almost identical everywhere. The focus is naturally on poker and slot machines. Roulette in the province of Ontario occupies a modest third place in popularity. The main clientele in traditional casinos prefers the game of poker. The number of blackjack fans is about the same. Fans of these card games have more than 600 tables at their disposal. The rest of the board games: craps, baccarat and dice are casual entertainment designed for tourists and ordinary people.

The most massive audience for slot machines. Ontario has 26 thousand slots. Legal slot machines in Ontario can be found in any city and town. In addition to gambling halls and casinos, slots are available in all 8 bingo clubs. All devices are certified and must be regularly checked for adequate RTP (return frequency).

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Overall, the gambling and entertainment industry in Ontario is quite developed. In terms of casino accessibility and their number, the Canadian province of Ontario will give odds to many countries, including the neighboring United States.

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