Calgary Welcome to Calgary! This Canadian city with a population of one million is rightfully considered the cowboy capital of the Canadian Midwest. Located in the eastern foothills of the Canadian Rockies, Calgary is the country's most cosmopolitan and vibrant city. Here Western culture and traditions of Canadian Indian tribes are closely mixed. Over the years, this city has developed a unique social, social, business and entertainment infrastructure. Law and business, public morality and gambling in Calgary get along well with each other.

In short, if you come to the provincial capital of Alberta, you will never be bored! There are many interesting and exciting things around here, both for ordinary tourists and for those who are interested in the world of gambling and entertainment.

Gambling business in Canada. A bit of history

Canada is a unique country in terms of the relationship of the law to the gambling industry. If at the federal level the law prohibits gambling, then at the provincial level everything looks more or less good with gambling establishments. You can play in a casino in Calgary absolutely freely and legally, without fear of fines or sanctions from the fiscal authorities.

Calgary The reason is that the federal authorities have withdrawn themselves from the management of the gambling business. All the relevant powers, including the licensing of gambling establishments, were delegated to the local level by the central authorities. The governments of the Canadian provinces independently manage the gambling industry, both in the field of land-based gambling establishments and in the Internet space.

Today this is all gambling activity and everything related to the gambling sphere looks legally decent. And 50 years ago, the situation was completely different. The country had a Criminal Law that prohibited any gambling and entertainment related to making a profit. Against the background of the total ban, the gambling business in Canada was in the shadows. However, illegal slot machines and clandestine casinos in Calgary and many other major cities throughout the country continued to serve the gaming public.

Calgary The situation changed in 1969, when the provincial governments were allowed to independently decide on the legalization of gambling at the federal level. From that moment on, legal casinos began to open throughout the country. Since 1999, officially operating slot machine halls have appeared in Canadian cities. Such favorable changes did not pass by Calgary, making this large industrial city one of the centers of the Canadian gambling industry.

Casino in Calgary - today

The number of places where you can gamble at casinos in Calgary is quite satisfactory. If you wish, you can always find a place to play a game of poker, to spend time playing roulette. To these traditional types of gambling entertainment, you can add a lot of slot machines, of which there are also many in the city. There are about a dozen full-fledged casinos with a traditional form of service alone. Among them I would like to highlight the solid and respectable establishments:

  • Elbow River Casino, the oldest gambling club in Calgary;
  • "Deerfoot Inn & Casino"
  • Century Casino Calgary
  • "Gray Eagle Resort and Casino"
  • Cowboys Casino.

All of the casinos listed are decent and visited places. Most of the gambling houses are located in the central districts of the city. A respectable audience gathers here. At the clients' disposal are poker tables, blackjack tables, and a roulette wheel in Calgary . In parallel with the area for playing cards, there are slot machine halls, a VIP bar and a bowling alley. In short, everything that a person who is fond of playing cards needs, slots entertainment in Calgary has a lot to turn around.

Online casino industry

Everything about the Calgary gambling industry is freely available. However, a number of limitations:

  • professional players who regularly play and win are taxed;
  • the entrance to the gambling establishment in Calgary is allowed to persons who have reached the age of 18;
  • some major casinos require a dress code.

Calgary In addition to traditional casinos, legal slot machines in Calgary can be found in other places. Specific gambling establishments "Electronic Gaming Machine" are very popular among the local public and visitors. As a rule, these are bars and lounges. Here you can just relax, have fun on slots, play bingo.

In general, in Calgary and Alberta, the situation with traditional gambling is normal. As for the virtual segment, there are some difficulties with this direction. The online entertainment industry is prohibited in Alberta due to local laws. Online casinos and gambling sites in Calgary , as in other cities in the province, are blocked.

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It is difficult to understand what explains this specific decision by Alberta government officials. Why you need to block access to gaming sites on the territory of your jurisdiction, while in a neighboring province, gaming sites work legally and are available to the general consumer. Under these conditions, the bulk of customers who prefer to deal with virtual gambling use the working mirrors of gaming sites on a large scale. In addition to the mirror, there are many ways to get an alternative entrance to the game resource.

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