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ripple logoRipple is an open source protocol for processing and exchanging currency. Ripple was not created as a payment method but was made more for the transfer of various currencies and products. Nevertheless, merchants around the world have started accepting XRP and some online casinos have also embraced the trend.

Ripple casinos offer players a good range of games and their blockchain provides one of the fastest transactions. Therefore, many players nowadays are more and more looking for a good ripple gambling site where they can spend their time with pleasure. 

Ripple is a platform for various international financial transactions with minimal time consumption. It is also worth noting that this alternative to fiat money has very low fees. In turn, XRP is the main tool of the platform, which is used to perform such financial transactions. The main distinguishing feature of this digital currency from others is that Ripple is not part of Blockchain.

The main differences include the generation mechanism and the algorithm of consensus. For example, bitcoins are mined by applying the energy-intensive Proof of Work system. As for Ripple, all coins are already created, and the Consensus mechanism is involved here, with a limit of 100 billion. Transactions are only confirmed by the validator. In the case of XRP, the number of transactions per second reaches 1500, there is interaction with the global banks, and the speed of confirmation is high.

One of Bitcoin's biggest drawbacks is the long delays in transactions. While other cryptocurrencies are constantly working on solving this problem, Ripple works very well in this aspect. You get fast and cheap payments, which includes the online casino industry. These two advantages have opened up a huge market niche for Ripple.

Ripple conducts transactions faster than other networks, consuming fewer resources to do so. This allows it to reduce the cost of commissions. XRP has a relatively stable exchange rate, making conversion between currencies much easier than with other competitive currencies. In addition, if you are lucky, you will be able to participate in xrp casino coin airdrop.

Before making a transaction, it is necessary to create a special wallet, where you will store coins. The fact is that storing large sums of money on a permanent basis on accounts of exchanges and exchange services is not safe. For example, popular options such as Ledger Nano S and Wirex.

Ledger Nano S. This is the optimal hardware wallet option, considered the most reliable for storing blockchain-based altcoins.

Wirex. It is a hybrid financial platform, and its clients have the right to link their accounts to a virtual or plastic card in order to withdraw cash in any convenient way. The wallet is formed automatically during the registration process. Just one account allows you to convert ripple to fiat and keep a deposit in any currency.

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How To Find The Best Ripple Casino Canada?

Below you will find a list of the best XRP casinos. The great advantage of this list is that you don't have to care about casinos' reputations. We've chosen the most reliable and trusted sites for XRP gambling which have received a lot of positive feedback from players and several of them even won various awards. We carefully analyzed each online xrp casino and sorted them from best to worst, so you can find the best options in our rating. But each has its own benefits, so the best casino for you may differ from other casinos, which is perfectly appropriate for others. 

Below you will find what to look for when choosing the best casino xrp.

Software Before you register an account and start playing, you need to test the software. If xrp gambling portal offers a demo game mode, take advantage of it. As a rule, in the demo mode you can play an unlimited period of time, without creating an account or making a deposit. If necessary, register a guest account, but do not immediately throw money into your account.  
List of games Pay attention to what slots ripple casino offers. Some gambling establishments specialize in certain areas, while others offer visitors hundreds, or even thousands of slots. If you have any preferences, make sure before you register that the chosen online gambling ripple institution has the slot you are interested in.  
Quality of technical support When choosing the best ripple casino, this is an especially important point. The tech support specialists should provide quick help with any problems, especially if you are new to the business. Contact tech support to see how competent their staff is and how quickly they respond.  
License The presence of a license is a must when choosing a Ripple casino, if you do not want to lose your money or play a tampered game.  

Casino Bonuses Ripple

Bonuses from Ripple casino is an excellent deposit boost, but when choosing a bonus, read all paragraphs very carefully in order to easily withdraw the wagered money from your account in the future and avoid unnecessary disputes. Often players hurry to take advantage of their bonus money and are disappointed when they find out that they played against casino rules and are not allowed to withdraw their expected winnings from their account.

No deposit bonuses

In fact, many casino coin ripple gives no deposit bonuses not only for registration. As the name suggests, any gift from the institution that does not require a deposit can be considered to be such a gift. So, some minimum deposit casinos are offering small presents for registration, others for subscribing to a newsletter or in social networks, and in the best online casinos you receive special bonuses for holidays.

Welcome Bonus

This gift option is the most generous for any institution, because it can only be received by newcomers who have just registered. Welcome bonuses usually are credited with the first deposit of a client and usually constitute a certain percentage of the deposit, for example, 100%. Note that some new online casinos offer a whole welcome program for the first three or even five deposits.

Deposit bonuses

One standard version of a promotion that players prefer are deposit bonuses. Depending on the policy of a website, a client is offered bonuses on certain days, or such bonuses can be received once a week or a month to any client's deposit. Such gifts are usually much more modest than the welcome offer; on average, casinos give regular clients 30-50% bonuses.


Free spins are another type of casino bonuses. They can be accrued from free spins casinos as a separate gift, for example for registration, or come with or become an additional gift when replenishing with a certain amount. Free spins wagering is not necessary, but you have to spin the winnings from them a certain number of times, as specified by the casino. 


Cashback provides a return of some amount of bets to a client, most often it is a percentage of the portion of bets that were not profitable. On average, cash back in the casino can be 5-20%. It is usually offered by institutions, which have a system of players' statuses, such as dama nv casinos. So, the more money has been spent in the institution, the higher his status will be, and the more will be the cashback, that is why in the high roller casinos cashback is usually much higher.  

Casino Games Ripple

Ripple casino sites in Canada usually have a large selection of online games varying from standard card games, table games and scratch cards to slot machines of various complexity, so every player will find the entertainment that suits their soul. Demo, which is present in most games, is great for beginners and does not require registration. At this stage, new players play without money, just to get acquainted with the work of club, getting experience as well as the opportunity to choose a competent strategy for winning. Getting to the standard level is possible after registration and deposit. At this level, players have the opportunity to bet and win xrp casino coin.

Ripple Roulette

Roulette game is familiar even to people who have never played it before. Ripple Roulette is also based on a reel with numbered cells and a playing field. The croupier rotates the reel and launches the ball. The winning number is determined as a result of the ball hitting one of the cells. Ripple Roulette comes in different versions: European, French, American, Mini, and so on. 

Ripple Slot Machine

Slot machines are leading in popularity all over the world. The Ripple slot machine is a game machine with three or more reels of symbols or images rotating on the screen. With each spin, the images line up. You do not need large sums of money and special knowledge to start playing, which explains their high popularity. Casino coin xrp as a rule do not stand behind their counterparts when it comes to the number of slots, so you will be able to have an excellent choice. 

Ripple Blackjack

Ripple Blackjack has the same rules as the familiar version: people make bets, get cards, and the main goal is to score 21 points or a number as close to it as possible. However, each casino may differ not only in the minimum and maximum stakes table, but also in some of the common rules. To attract players in a competitive environment, some new online casinos undertake different changes to the classic rules, giving players a little more advantage and freedom of action. Also, there are separate varieties of blackjack, which have well-established names and differ from the classic by the number of cards in the deck, the size of the bonus payout or the principle of seniority combinations.

Ripple Live casinos

The main advantage of Ripple Live games is that they are a copy of a real land-based casino, but they are available at any time and from any location: this gives users the feeling of playing in a luxurious casino room while being in the comfort of their home. Unlike regular online games, which are controlled by software, live games involve a human dealer. You can interact with the croupier through live streaming. All top online casinos continue to expand their range of live games, despite the hefty financial costs of making them.

Enjoy a whole range of emotions from gambling with real people doing the deal, not an automated computer program. There are several variations of popular games that allow you to play in live mode: Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, Wheel of Fortune, Craps, and so on.

It is also important that while playing with live dealers players remember the rules of responsible gambling. After all, gambling entertainment on the Internet is just a game, not an additional way to earn money. 

Cryptocurrencies already have legal status in most countries. Check if they are legal in your country, but most likely they are. In Europe and in the US, you can play at ripple casinos absolutely legally. But don't forget to check if the casino you choose is legal, because this is extremely important.  Moreover, XRP allows you to bypass casino deposit restrictions that can be applied by traditional payment systems.

Alternatives to Ripple for Online Casinos

If for some reason you can't pay with Ripple or you don't have access to those who accept ripple, don't get upset. You have a big choice of alternative cryptocurrencies with which you can play in proven and safe casinos.

  • Bitcoin is the world's first known digital currency that runs on blockchain technology. It is a shared database in which information about completed transactions is stored as a continuous chain of blocks. The information within this system cannot be falsified. 
  • Litecoin is the most popular alternative to bitcoin, the second most capitalized cryptocurrency in the world.
  • Ethereum is an open-source platform based on blockchain technology that allows developers to create and release decentralized applications. The platform is best known for its cryptocurrency, but this is only a small part of it. Ethereum's main goal is to enable the use of digital money without banks or payment service providers.
  • Tether USDT is a stabelcoin that has gained popularity due to its high reliability. There are about ten stabelcoins, but USDT has distinguished itself and made a name for in the gambling industry over the years. It is now one of the top five cryptocurrencies, and more and more traders are choosing to use it for investments, purchases and gambling.
  • Dogecoin is an open-source cryptocurrency based on the Litecoin and Bitcoin mechanism. It was first introduced back on December 8, 2013. It is named after the internet meme Doge, which became popular that year.  Dogecoin is great for everyday purchases and payments because of its blockchain speed and low transaction fees.
  • Tron is a blockchain-based platform. TRX is currently considered one of the largest platforms using distributed ledger technology. TRX is a cryptocurrency or token representing the Tron network. It forms the main cryptocurrency for the entire Tron platform. 
  • BNB or Binance Coin is the base cryptocurrency of the Binance exchange. The Binance platform allows crypto traders and investors to pay fees and trade other cryptocurrencies with BNB.
  • Cardano is a blockchain platform, which is positioned from the beginning as an alternative to Ethereum. Cardano's domestic cryptocurrency is called ADA and features fast transactions and the ability to work with digital assets. Any user can create and execute a smart contract, which secures money transfers and other transactions.

Pros & Cons of Using Ripple in Canada

Of course, no cryptocurrency is perfect. All have their pros and cons, and players need to know and understand them. 

Pros Cons
Cost of transfer. The cost of transferring funds is 0.00001 XRP. So there is practically no transaction cost.   Centralization of control. While its absence was previously a major advantage of Ripple and cryptocurrency in general; now each new validator requires approval from 51% of existing members.
Speed of payment processing. Because of the algorithms of the system, payments are made in a couple of seconds. All this is possible because there is no need for computing processes with their subsequent addition to the crypto-system blocks. Legitimacy. Court proceedings in terms of the degree of legality of certain currency transactions.
Ease of trading. XRP is easy to exchange to any other currency. Commissions, respectively, will be minimal. It is convenient to adapt to bonus and temporary promotional offers in online casinos. Possible price fluctuations.
Anonymity. One of the decisive factors for choosing Ripple cryptocurrency is anonymity. Players want to remain anonymous while they play at online casinos and have fun.
Ease of use. In order to make cryptocurrency payments, deposit and withdraw funds, it is enough just to scan the QR code on the screen, and the funds will be credited in less than a minute. At the same time, the commission for transferring funds to XRP will be minimal.
Coverage. The cryptocurrency is available in all countries of the world, you only need an internet connection. Problems can arise with other payment methods, though.

Frequently asked Questions

Is it safe to play at online casinos using Ripple?
Yes, if you correctly choose an online Ripple-casino. For this purpose, it is necessary to pay attention to its experience and reputation. A license in this case is an excellent guarantee of safety and quality of services.
Do I have to pay a fee when I deposit or withdraw XRP?
Yes, they will be charged by the exchange or exchange service where you buy and sell currencies. The gambling houses themselves very rarely take a commission.
How fast are Ripple transactions?
The transfer of funds to your account is instantaneous. Their arrival depends on the type of casino and the way the users data is verified. Most often it takes less than an hour.
How do I know if a casino accepts Ripple in Canada?
You can enter the
How can I find out if there are Ripple bonuses at an online casino?
If you did not find this information on the site, then ask a question to their support service. This way you can avoid unpleasant situations like no bonuses or their impossible activation.
Where can I buy Ripple ?
Ripple (XRP) is one of the largest digital currencies, so you can easily buy it on most major exchanges like Binance or FTX.
I only play live blackjack, will Ripple casino work for me?
Yes, of course, because most Ripple online casinos have a good collection of live games, and many types of blackjack.
How do I store XRP?
You can either leave XRP on the exchange or transfer it to your own wallet. Since XRP transactions cost very little, some people may prefer the latter option. If you need an XRP wallet, consider Wirex, Atomic Wallet, or Ledger Nano S. To create a wallet, download the app from the official website and follow the instructions.
What games are offered at Ripple casinos?
The games that are available to visitors of Ripple casino are almost no different from the classic venues. All variations of classic entertainment are usually represented, from slots to table games and roulette. But, before you go to play ,familiarize yourself with the available entertainment on the selected site.
Can gamblers from mobile online casinos use Ripple?
Yes, deposits and withdrawals can be made from phones and tablets. However, check the casino rules to make sure withdrawals are available. All Ripple mobile online casinos games are perfectly optimized for phones and smartphones.
Can I win at Ripple casinos without using my own money?
Some Ripple casinos are offering no deposit bonuses that allow you to play with a small amount of bonus money and even win something for free. Some no deposit bonuses come in the form of free spins that can be used on selected slots. The payout is usually limited to fairly small amounts, but you can win something without spending any money.
Are Ripple casino games fair?
All casino games are set up to give the casino an advantage. But in the online casino world, this is considered to be a standard. However, sometimes casinos use rigged games to further increase their advantage beyond reasonable limits. No reputable casino will do this, but there are some rogue casinos that do their best to gain an unfair advantage. Make sure you choose a good rated casino to play with Ripple.
How do I use Ripple?
If you try, it turns out that using Ripple is not that difficult. You need to get the right wallet, buy XRP currency through one of the exchanges and put it into your account. Then, when you have funded your wallet, you can use it for transfers.

Author: Gabe Bais

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